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Special Publications

NEW! WWR-500-R-16:  Manual of Standard Practice--Structural Welded Wire Reinforcement 2016
This manual provides current product information, material specifications, and properties, and lists current ACI 318 Code provisions relating to WWR. Tables and design aids are included on splicing and areas of cross sections for various wire spacings. Two new sections cover testing of wire and welded wire reinforcement, as well as handling and placing guidelines.

WWR-600:  Structural Detailing Manual 2006, 10 chapters have been updated and case studies and tech facts have been included.
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This manual may be used for detailing guidance on welded wire reinforcement in one-way and two-way slabs, precast/prestressed concrete, column & beam detailing, cast-in-place walls, and slabs-on-ground. Sections also cover ACI 318 provisions and shortcuts to compare areas of high strength WWR with areas of mild reinforcing. 

A Sample Specification for Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR) 2006, 6 pages
​We have had many requests for an example of a Sample Specification that design and construction professionals may review when preparing their own construction documents. This is a sample specification prepared by an engineer with a WRI member producer. (Please review the WRI Disclaimer attached at the end of the document.) 

WRI Tech Facts

TF 206-R-14:  Metric Welded Wire Reinforcement Updated 2014 5 pages Converting U.S. Equivalent Customary (in-pound) styles to Metric styles. A discussion and examples of soft conversion technique.

TF 209-R-08: Metric: Design Aids For Structural Welded Wire Reinforcement (includes WWR/Rebar Comparison Tables) 2008, 2nd Printing, 14 pages
This issue is a metric-centered version of TF 209-R-08.

TF 311M-03:  (D) Metric Welded Wire Reinforcement for Concrete Pipe 1995, 6 pages, by WRI Pipe Committee
Contained in this Tech Fact are the principles of reinforcement and why it's needed in concrete pipe design. D-Load requirements and manufacturing specifications are explained. Examples show metric styles of WWR compared to in-lb styles. Other tables show Canadian Standards, conversion factors, common pipe WWR wire spacings and common wire and dimensional properties for metric sizes as well as in-lb sizes.